Swift Engineering provide an efficient grinding service for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and technology sector clients. We specialise in centreless grinding methods (through-feed and plunge grinding) which allows us to deliver high quality results with a faster turnaround.

Through-Feed Grinding:

  • Typically used for bars, shafts, and other components.
  • Can be combined with other grinding processes to create components with multiple diameters and to deliver greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Note: this process can accommodate parts that have more than one diameter, if the main / largest section of the component also has the largest diameter.

Plunge Grinding:

  • An efficient and cost-effective grinding technique where the component / part is “plunged” axially between grinding wheels.
  • Typically used for components / parts with a larger diameter or require grinding up to a shoulder.

If you have any queries about which grinding techniques might be best for your project, or to find out more about our turning, milling or fabrication services, please get in touch. We will be happy to advise you.