Through Computer Numerical Control (CNC) techniques and equipment, we provide a precision milling service that allows us to produce a near limitless range of high quality precision engineered    components.

Our high-performance milling machines are all controlled using a powerful software package. Through the precise control of the machines’ rotating cutters through multiple axis, we have the ability to create components in multiple shapes, complete with accurately cut slots, holes etc.

Serving full range of technological, industrial and manufacturing sectors, we can bring CNC milling to projects of all sizes, however simple or complex.

Our Essex based facilities feature three brand new XYZ Milling machines, all controlled by a powerful Siemens shop mill programming package:

  • XYZ 800 HD (table Size: 920 mm x 480 mm, X travel = 800 mm, Y travel = 500 mm, Z travel = 510 mm).
  • XYZ 660 HD (Table Size: 720 mm x 420 mm, X travel = 660 mm, Y travel = 450 mm, Z travel = 500 mm).
  • XYZ 500 LR (Travel size: 580 mm x 400 mm, X travel = 510 mm, Y travel = 400 mm, Z travel = 450 mm).

To find out more about our milling, turning, grinding or fabrication services, please get in touch. We will be happy to advise or answer any queries.